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I love animals, and I enjoy walking with my dog, Anubis 🐾

María y su perro, Anubis, en la Plaza de España de Sevilla


I have always painted, since I was very little. Now my work barely leaves me time, I have to paint again! 🖌️🖼️

Dibujo a acuarela cun María tenía dos años


I enjoy traveling and getting to know new places and cultures. My next destination will be Egypt (It's not because my dog ​​is called Anubis, ha ha)✈️  

María paseando delante de un mural en Nueva York


I adore music and I really like listening to it live. Long live rock!👩‍🎤🤘

María saltando en un recital


I love my classes, that's why I always have time to take new courses and improve myself.📚🖥️

MAría Molina en Clase con un grupo de alumnos ERASMUS


I want to teach Spanish around the world, and one of my goals is to teach in Africa for a summer👩🏻‍🏫🌞


I hate cooking, but I love learning about new gastronomy. I am a fan of Japanese gastronomy 🍣

María comiendo sushi en un restaurante


Cinema is one of my great passions, I watch the Goya and Oscar awards ceremonies every year, and I watch all the films before so I can comment on them. Robert de Niro is my favorite actor. I hope I can meet him one day 📽️🍿🎬

Un fotomntaje en el que aparece María en una escena de Taxi Driver


I've always wanted to play an instrument, but I'm a bit unrhythmic... My great frustration!🎸


I want to buy a "van" and travel around Spain for a whole year, accompanied by Anubis and working teaching online... It's a good idea, right? 🚐🌍

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