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Spanish competition to Santa Claus

Santa Claus has a lot of competition in Spain. In almost every Spanish home, children write their letters to the Three Wise Men, who will not deliver their gifts until the night of January 5-6.

In addition to them, some regions still keep some characters that compete with Santa.

Children in the Basque Country and Navarre send their letters to the "Olentzero".

This is a coalman who comes down from the mountains, sneaks down the chimneys to warm up and leave gifts on Christmas Eve to those who are asleep.

In Cantabria they have "L'Esteru", a woodcutter who goes with his donkey. He makes toys and exchanges them for acorns to repopulate the forests on Christmas Eve.

In Asturias, "L'Anguleru" is a fisherman who returns every Christmas to fish for elvers and with the money he makes from their sale buys sweets and gifts. regalos.

In Catalonia and Aragon the gifts are eaten by the "Tió de Nadal", a log that is fed for some time before Christmas Eve.

In the mountains of León there is a cave inhabited by the "Vieja del Monte" who comes down to give presents to the people of León who have been most good.

In Galicia, all the children had better eat their Christmas Eve dinner because "O Apalpador" will sneak into their rooms to touch their tummies. If they have eaten enough, they will get their presents.

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