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Songs for 8M

To pay tribute to women on International Women's Day, we have selected 12 songs with a high feminist content, sung by women in Spanish.

We advise you to look up the lyrics if you don't quite understand them... they are very interesting.

Rozalén - 'La puerta violeta'

A song about abuse: a woman finally finds a way out of the situation and leaves a toxic relationship behind.

Bebe - 'Ella'

This track by Bebe is a song dedicated to her grandmother, a feminine reference for the artist.

Ana Tijoux - 'Antipatriarca'

It is a very explicit plea against violence and subjugation, and vindicates a woman's right to be free, independent and strong.

Ginebras - 'Cosas moradas'

In this song they take a look at all things purple in their lives, which of course includes feminism, the movement associated with this colour.

La Otra - ‘Contigo’

It is an ode to free love and women's freedom to get what they want without being judged, in a society where certain relationships are perceived as a deprivation of personal freedoms.

Belén Aguilera y Lola Índigo- ‘La tirita’

This song talks about a break-up but it doesn't focus on it, but on girl power, sisterhood and the essential role that friendship between women plays in our lives.

Beatriz Luengo – ‘Hawái’

The track is a feminist response that makes it clear how important it is when you are in a toxic relationship to leave it behind.

Danna Paola – ‘Calla tú’

It is a feminist plea in which the artist addresses herself to make clear the importance of loving oneself before loving anyone else.

Gata Cattana – ‘Lisístrata'

The rapper from Madrid, who died in 2017, had among her repertoire such powerful songs as Lisistrata, a true feminist anthem.

Zahara – ‘Hoy la bestia cena en casa’

It talks about machismo, surrogacy and, above all, empowerment.

Rigoberta Bandini – ‘Ay Mama’

It is a feminist plea for women's empowerment and especially praises the figure of the mother. In the song, in a very open way, the 'obsession' with covering women's breasts in the public sphere is denounced.

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