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Thriller movies to learn Spanish

Learn Spanish by watching thriller movies. Improve your listening comprehension, know the paralinguistic elements and the extralinguistic elements. In short, improve your communicative competence in Spanish by watching thriller movies.

The production of thriller films in Spain is important and of high quality

Here is a review of five of my favorites, as well as links to the trailers.


Two policemen with very different ideas have to meet in order to find the guilty of the murders of several young women in a southern town, anchored in the past.

How will this movie end?


Laura, and her children, returns from Buenos Aires to spend a few days in her hometown to attend the marriage of one of her sisters. But what was thought to be a quiet and fun family visit is transformed into a desperate situation by an unforeseen event.

As protagonists Penelope Cruz, Javier Bardem and Ricardo Darín. An unbeatable cast

Will the wedding take place or will everything be ruined?


Juan gets a prison permit to be able to attend his daughter's first communion in Seville, but the girl dies violently. The investigation passes into the hands of Inspector Eli, who must choose between her duty and Juan's decision to take justice into her own hands.

Who was the murderer of the girl?


Juan goes to the prison where he will work as a civil servant. He receives a blow to the head and is knocked unconscious. At that very moment, the prisoners started a riot. Upon awakening, Juan discovers what happened and, to save himself, pretends to be a prisoner.

How long can you keep up the deception?


One winter night, a prison van is robbed during the transfer. The assailants are looking for someone in particular. Martín the driver barricades himself with the prisoners and will be the only obstacle in the assault.

A long night !

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