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Films about the Civil War and Franco's regime

Are you interested in this period of Spanish history? If the answer is yes, we recommend you this post in which we invite you to watch films to learn about this part of Spanish history so interesting and, sometimes, so unknown.

La lengua de las mariposas

(The tongue of butterflies)

With this film you will enjoy an extraordinary teacher with political thoughts very contrary to Franco. It is the story of a teacher and one of his students. It is exciting!

Where can you watch this movie?: Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Movistar

La Trinchera Infinita

(The Infinite Trench)

If you are a claustrophobic person, this may not be the film for you. It is the story of a man who must live locked up for most of his life for fear of being imprisoned or killed during the dictatorship. It tells the story of many people of that time.

Where can you watch this movie?: Netflix, Amazon Prime, AppleTV.


13 Rosas

(13 Roses)

It tells the true story of 13 girls after the Civil War ended in 1939 with the arrival of Franco's troops in Madrid. Many republicans flee, but others cannot or will not, as is the case of the protagonists of this story.

Where can you watch this movie?: RTVE, Disney+, Amazon Prime.

Girasoles ciegos

(Blind sunflowers)

In the 1940s, after the war, a mother and a child have to keep their family secrets and try to hide them from one of the school deacons, who has doubts before being named a priest.

Where can you watch this movie?: Amazon Prime, Disney+, AppleTV

La Vaquilla

(The Heifer)

A funny comedy in which a group of republican soldiers decide to steal a heifer from a party that soldiers of the other side were preparing in a nearby place. You will laugh a lot!

Where can you watch this movie?: HBO, Amazon Prime

El verdugo

(The executioner)

A black comedy that talks about one of the most violent activities that existed in the Franco period: the death penalty by garrote vil. The story of a young man who must follow his father-in-law's job, to be the executioner.

Where can you watch this movie?: HBO, Amazon Prime, AppleTV  




It is the story of a real case, a young anarchist thief. His execution, under Franco's dictatorship, takes place shortly before the beginning of the Spanish democracy. Quite a tough but very moving film.

Where can you watch this movie?: AppleTV, Amazon Prime



Who does not know Picasso's masterpiece? It portrays this fact, it was a real case where many people were killed by the bombing of the Nazi air force (the German Condor Legion). And in parallel to this sad event, it tells the love story of a young republican editor and an American journalist.

Where can you watch this movie?: YouTube, AppleTV

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